Course description

Designed for existing essential oil users, likely you are an aromatherapist or oiler. 

We deep dive into a key quality measurement used by "essential oil" brands to claim they are of high quality. 

Basic Chemistry Coverage of

1. Standardisation

2. Calculation (General)

3. Mass Spectrometry (Optional)

What does it mean to you? Quality? Quantified? 

Better means?

What will i learn?

  • How to read a GCMS, What it means? What it is used for? Is it a sign of quality? What is better?


  • Ideally basic Science concepts of testing
  • None

Frequently asked question

It is a commonly used method that separates chemicals in mixtures at a gas phase to attempt to detect isolate and quantify them.

Kelvin Soo

My Aspirations: Liberation of knowledge and creating interest in Science both in young and old. Enabling people to Fulfil Life through informed decisions.

I am a Board Certified Chemist with a Masters in Applied Chemistry and I am currently pursuing my PhD in Chemical Engineering. Additionally, I have a strong track record of publishing peer-reviewed articles and have had the privilege of serving the Prime Minister's Office of Malaysia. I also take pride in coaching and mentoring individuals regularly, contributing to various platforms such as Cradle, MDEC, and universities since 2013. My current motto is to be:"Always Curious"I have extensive expertise in the formulation, manufacturing, research and development of food, cosmetics, and supplements. Additionally, I possess a strong background in digital marketing, platform optimization, IoT sensors, and fundamental server infrastructure.Current Progress to Aspiration:Currently, I sit on several University evaluation panels for their biotechnology-related degrees with inputs from an industry perspective. Continuing through with my aspirations I continuously engage myself as a Guest Lecturer in the areas of Biotechnology Entrepreneurship, Chemistry and Development of Scientific Interest.Current & Past Societies:Youth Founding Committee Member FMM (Current)Treasurer Malaysia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce (Past)Young Business Leader Initiative (Alumni)Perdana Fellow (Alumni)




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