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Kelvin Soo

My Aspirations: Liberation of knowledge and creating interest in Science both in young and old. Enabling people to Fulfil Life through informed decisions.

I am a Board Certified Chemist with a Masters in Applied Chemistry and I am currently pursuing my PhD in Chemical Engineering. Additionally, I have a strong track record of publishing peer-reviewed articles and have had the privilege of serving the Prime Minister's Office of Malaysia. I also take pride in coaching and mentoring individuals regularly, contributing to various platforms such as Cradle, MDEC, and universities since 2013. My current motto is to be:"Always Curious"I have extensive expertise in the formulation, manufacturing, research and development of food, cosmetics, and supplements. Additionally, I possess a strong background in digital marketing, platform optimization, IoT sensors, and fundamental server infrastructure.Current Progress to Aspiration:Currently, I sit on several University evaluation panels for their biotechnology-related degrees with inputs from an industry perspective. Continuing through with my aspirations I continuously engage myself as a Guest Lecturer in the areas of Biotechnology Entrepreneurship, Chemistry and Development of Scientific Interest.Current & Past Societies:Youth Founding Committee Member FMM (Current)Treasurer Malaysia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce (Past)Young Business Leader Initiative (Alumni)Perdana Fellow (Alumni)




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